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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The "Big" Bib: Tutorial

Welcome to my first ever tutorial! (Please have patience and mercy as I have never done this before...) I have been meaning to make some new bibs for the boys for a while now. The little bibs I got for my baby showers just weren't cutting it anymore. They are like highwater bibs--they come to the middle of the boys' chests!

I have looked at Target and Walmart for bigger bibs but they were $4-5 for ONE and since I have twins, and would need at LEAST two bibs for each messy kiddo...OUCH! That would be shelling out almost $20! So, here is a cheap and easy way to make new, adorable bibs for your "big" kids.

I used materials that most moms would have around the house so this project should cost you little to nothing. Enjoy and happy sewing your own "BIG" bibs!


Old towel (mine were my hubby's old college towels...I think)
Receiving blankets
Construction paper (or scrap paper)
"Little" bib (for pattern)
Sewing machine
30-45 minutes

First, trace a pattern from your "little" bib on your construction paper. The neck of these bibs still fits my boys pretty well so I left that the same on the pattern.

Cut out your pattern.

Fold it in half and then trace a new pattern on a new sheet of paper. This will ensure that your bib will be symmetrical. I added a bit to the neck as well.

Cut our your new (final pattern). Have your kids throw away the scraps of paper. :) You will cut your material on the fold.

Fold your blanket and place your pattern on the fold. Pin in place and cut one.

Repeat on the towel. (If there is a ribbing or decorative band on the towel, cut that off first so it doesn't get in the way of your pattern)

You will have two pieces: Flannel (front) and towel (back)

Iron your flannel (if it has been sitting in a drawer for two years like mine has)

Pin your pieces, right sides together

Mark a small opening for turning the bib after you sew

Sew around your bib with a 1/4 in seam allowance (against the presser foot)

After sewing, trim excess fabric from the neck straps (and anywhere else where it seems thick)

Cut small slits around the curved parts of the bib (neck and bottom). Be sure not to cut through the thread!) Clipping the curves will give a smoother finish when you turn your bib.

Clip the bottom too.

Turn that baby inside out! Use a pencil or your scissors to help with the straps.

Smooth out all the seams.

Tuck in the loose fabric along the opening and pin shut.

Top stitch around the whole bib, closing up the opening as you go. Use your presser foot as a guide. Go slowly as the fabric will be really thick.

Topstiched goodness!

Cut a small square of velcro and separate.

Sew one square to the flannel side of your bib. (If it is the sticky side, be careful as your thread can get caught in the stickies if you go too fast)

Sew the other square on the towel side

All done! You did it!

Compare: The "Big" Bib to the little one. Your toddler should stay a lot cleaner after this....should. HA! (My children would not model for the bib but it fits well and reaches down to their waist)

Thanks for following my tutorial! Leave me a comment if you make one!

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The Tylers said...

That is so cute! I don't need any bibs, but I definitely feel like I could do that. You did a great job with the tutorial and made it sound so easy!

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