BAM Family

BAM Family

Friday, June 18, 2010

Headband anyone?

I made a cute and quick headband today out of some white eyelet (that I wanted to be a skirt but it was just not happening). The project took me about 30 minutes and it is really cute! I always want to wear headbands but the plastic ones usually give me a headache. This one is all cloth with a bit of elastic underneath to hold it in place. Leave me a comment if you want the link to the patten for this project. :) Enjoy the pics! 

Completely unnecessary goofy picture of me


Christina said...

Yes, I would like the link to this headband. It looks great! I like how it has the top stitched seems too so it doesn't just look like a piece of fabric wrapped around your head.

Brittany said...

I got the instructions here:

You have to sign up for burdastyle with a user name and password but is free. :)

Have fun!

Christina said...

Ya know, I think I did sign up with them a while back. They sound really familiar. Thanks!

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