BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, June 14, 2010

...has boobs?

This was an actual conversation we had at dinner tonight. ::shakes head and laughs and shakes head again::

Setting: Family dinner, spaghetti. BENJI is engaged in a rousing retelling of "Mulan" with AARON. MICAH decides to join in the discussion.

Micah: Mulan...? Wears a dress?
Me: Yes, Mulan does wear a dress sometimes. She is a girl.
Micah: Mulan...has boobs?
Me: (shocked and then laughing hysterically) ....yes...!
Micah: Like Mommy?
Me: (laughing too hard to answer. Tears are now coming)
Aaron: Yes, like Mommy.
Micah: What's wrong, Mommy? (wipes spaghetti sauce on my arm)
Me: (wiping tears) Nothing, honey. Mommy is just laughing.

This is not an isolated incident. Micah, my 2.5 year old, really likes boobs and notices them on cartoon characters quite often. Go figure. The other day we were watching "Tarzan" and Micah talked at length about "Jane", "Jane's boobs" and "Mommy's boobs." (And all of these characters are very modestly dressed throughout 95% of their movies). He actually quite often calls them "boo-boos." THAT is just a Freudian slip waiting to happen. (We did not teach him to call breasts "boo-boos." That was his own linguistic creation). He also says that he has "boo-boos" and puts his hands on his chest.

::shakes head:: I wish I could say this is a phase (I'm sure using "boo-boo's to describe the female anatomy is) but I am afraid that the male obsession with the curvy female figure has just started early in the Meng household.

(Benji is oblivious to "boo-boos," however. I asked him as I was typing this, if he had "boo-boo's" He pointed to a healing scab on his knee....)


Anonymous said...

LOL!! That is too funny :) They sure keep you laughing.

Olivia Arlene said...

Those boys! So funny!

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