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BAM Family

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is a total "mom" post. Potty language and humor ahead: Beware.

After dinner is Micah's "pooping time." He usually starts making "the face" around the end of dinner. Tonight, he got really quiet and I said, "Potty?!" He said "POOP!" So off we went.

His shirt was super sticky from the caramel that I gave with apples for snack so I took it off along with his diaper and plopped that naked kiddo on the pot.

After removing the roll of toilet paper (experience has told me that this is a WISE move and Micah will actually hand me the roll if I don't take it off), I left the bathroom. Micah likes to do his business in private.

The minutes tick by. We holler at Micah a few times to ask if he is done. He says NOoooo!

A few more minutes of pleasant chatting with my husband and best friend at the dinner table. AND into the dining room runs a very smily naked boy.

Micah: I did it!
Me: (surprised. He usually needs help getting off the toilet) You pooped?
Micah: I did it! (Runs back into the bathroom)

I follow, a little afraid of what I will see. There is no poop. There is a lot of water on the potty seat. I think, maybe he peed?

Aaron then comes in to check out what happened. I wipe down the potty seat. Aaron then finds my tooth brush on the floor. It is wet.

Oh. No.

I can only assume....Micah got my tooth brush off the counter, hopped off the potty, and brushed his teeth....I can't go on.

You know what they say about assuming. However, just to be safe, I threw the toothbrush away.


Olivia Arlene said...

Oh dear! So many assumptions lol ;-)

Christina said...

Ha! Good call on throwing away the toothbrush! So funny what toddlers do and are so proud of!

Anonymous said...

Chenoa and I are blog stalking you. She is loving your stories (as am I, of course). ; )


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