BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, December 29, 2008

First Tooth!

Benjamin FINALLY cut his first tooth yesterday! I have been waiting for teeth to come in forever- or 8 months to be exact, ever since they were 6 months old. But month after month, there have been NO teeth. The boys are now 14 months old (15 months on Jan. 9th!) and we have our first tooth!

I felt a bump on Benji's bottom, right gum about 2 weeks ago after he graced us with a 3 hour scream-fest one night. Since then, I have been obsessively feeling his gums every day since then (much to his great delight! NOT!) Yesterday, I felt again and there was a little sharp edge! YEA Benjamin! I was so happy! He is growing up. Now, it's up to Micah- my little gummy boy. 

Welcome to our blog!

Ok, I am totally a blog stalker. I stalk tons of people's blogs and am obsessive about checking them. Since I like other people's blogs so much I thought, hey, it's time to start my own. 

So, WELCOME to the Meng Family blog! Otherwise known as BAM! BAM works on all levels for our family--Brittany Arpke Meng; Brittany (and) Aaron Meng; Benjamin And Micah. 

Enjoy reading about all our family episodes and funny things our boys do and say. And post comments! So I can stalk my blog as much as I stalk other peoples! :) 

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