BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Planning

I was inspired by my friend Tara's blog to post a copy of my weekly menu plan. I have been planning weekly menus since Aaron and I got married. It helps me know what I am going to make every night and, more importantly, keeps me from wandering aimlessly in the grocery store, buying lots of stuff I don't need and forgetting half the stuff I do need. If you are curious about any recipes, let me know!  I love to cook. I know my mom hates thinking of things to make so, if you are like my mom, steal one of these recipes or meal ideas for your own family!

Monday (while I am in class): Chili dogs, baked french fries, jello w/manderian oranges and fresh strawberries

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas w/green and red peppers and sliced onion (I make my own seasoning for this because the packaged kind messes with Aaron's stomach) 

Wednesday: Eggrolls (Sams), peas and carrots (super busy night for us....class, rush home, leave for church) 

Thursday: Marinated Shrimp w/ peppers, cheesy grits (using up the extra pepper from the fajitas, just saute it a bit before adding the shrimp and sauce to the skillet)

Friday: Chicken Parmesan bundles (new recipe for me!), pasta and spaghetti sauce, salad

Saturday: (Aaron's b-day! 26! Woot!) Sloppy joes, french fries, green bean casserole, Oreo ice cream cake from Dairy Queen :) (This is his requested birthday dinner EVERY year! Go figure...he is easy to please)

Sunday: Frozen Pizza 

Enjoy! Maybe I'll do this again in the future....

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The Tylers said...

I didn't even see this till just now! I'm glad you decided to post that. It's a good way to get good recipes from each other!

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