BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My new cloth diapers!

I made some new cloth diapers. I LOVE using cloth! We have used cloth diapers since the boys were born (we use disposables sometimes too, but cloth about 90% of the time) and I love it! 

I made some diapers last summer. They were for 10-20 lbs and now the boys are growing out of them. I made 26 last summer (!!!) and it took me about 2 months to sew them (off and on). 

I ordered 13 diapers this time (bakers dozen special) from This business is owned by a work at home mom. The diaper kit arrives with all the pieces washed and cut--all I had to do was sew the diaper together. 

This time, I sewed the diapers in about 4-5 days over a period of 2 weeks or so, the majority being the past 2 days. I made some modifications from last time. My boys need more absorbency so I decided to buy some bamboo fabric (online) and use that for my soakers (absorbent part of the diaper). 

The fabric I bought is a blend of bamboo and cotton and it is SOOO soft--like a cross between the inside of a brand new sweatshirt and the softest towel you have ever used. The kit came with a cotton piece for the soaker so I used that for a pattern and sewed a two layer soaker--one layer of cotton flannel and one layer of bamboo. 

Bamboo is also 60% more absorbent than cotton (which is what I made the soakers out of last year) and has antibacterial properties. Awesome! Plus, did I mention how SOFT it it? Love it!

The only part I am not happy with is that the lady didn't send me very good colors this time. I don't know why. Last year, I got a rainbow of hues. Oh well. The diapers will still work the same. I just wish she would have sent a better variety of colors with my order. 

Here are some pics! Enjoy! And if you have any questions about cloth, please let me know! 

The size difference from last year to this year! WOW! The boys have grown!

I made 13. One was in the wash. Benji baptized it by, er, fire. 

The inside of the diaper. I only sewed the soakers on one side so that they can be free in the wash to get really clean and so that they will dry faster in the drier. 

All tucked in!

I only got three colors this time. But the diapers turned out really well! I love them! 

After I chased Micah around for 10 minutes, I FINALLY got a picture of him modeling the new diaper. They fit great and plenty of room to grow too! 

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rhonda riffe said...

He looks so much like a little boy. He seems to have grown since we were up there in July/Aug.

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