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BAM Family

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shred update

I am still Shredding! Today is day 10!! WOW! I took Sunday off--I told myself I needed a break (seriously, I think I was just being lazy)--but I was back at it on Monday. Tomorrow I start Level 2! EEK! I am scared. My endurance is so much greater than when I started a week and a half ago. I am still sweaty and breathing hard by the end but I definitely feel stronger.

Two day this past week I haven't wanted to get up and Shred before the boys got up. So I slept in. But I felt so guilty/compelled that I couldn't skip a day. So, I ended up doing the DVD while the boys watched. The first day, I had to bribe them 4 times (fruit snacks, cereal, books, juice) before I could finish the 20 min workout. It took me about 35 minutes to do the whole thing. Benji was hanging on my leg during the lunge--"hold me! hold me!" 

 The second time I Shredded while the boys watched they were better. In fact, the even tried to imitate some of the moves, ie. waving their arms while I  did Jumping Jacks and pretending to lift "weights" (toys) above their head. So funny! 

Not sure if I have lost any weight yet--maybe a pound. But I feel really proud of myself for making it 10 days! I have NEVER liked exercising (Read: I HATE EXERCISING!) so I am kind of amazed that I am actually sticking to this. Only 20 days to go till I reach my goal! 

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Jared, Brittany & Charlotte said...

I'll have to send you our bathroom scale. From the time I stepped on it this morning to when I got back from my doctor's office, I lost about 20 pounds! Obviously, it has some issues, but oh how I loved seeing those prepregger numbers on the scale again... even if due to a faulty scale.

Keep up the hard work!

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