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BAM Family

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shred- Day 12 The Good and the Bad

Today is Day 12 of Shredding. After 10 days of doing Level One, I was feeling pretty good--a lot stronger, confident, maybe a little cocky. It is time, I thought, to move on up to Level Two! WOOT!

Well, after two days of Level Two, I am not feeling so, um, cocky anymore. Level Two, to put it mildly, kicks my BUTT! It is a LOT harder. I have yet to make it through the whole thing doing all the exercises. Mostly, I find myself dripping sweat, gasping for breath, staring blankly at the screen as Jillian and her two minions do "plank" exercises confidently while I am falling on the floor from exhaustion. I am back to the sore and shaky state I was in after Day 1, Level One.

But, I am determined to stick with it--as much as I may HATE the word "plank" now...

Here is the good news though:

I had to know that this Shredding thing was working, that all of this pain and suffering truly wasn't for nothing. The scale was barely giving me reassurance--I have MAYBE lost a pound. But I have been "feeling" slimmer lately so I grabbed my tape measure and slung that baby around my body. And, joy and rapture, it gave me amazing news. Here are the results:

I have lost
1 inch from my natural waist
1 inch from my lower waist, ie. twin baby flab
3/4 inch from my hips/ba-donk-a-donk

YES! YES! YES! It really IS working. So, tomorrow morning, I will get up early, (yes, even on Saturday) because Jillian Michaels delivered these past 12 days. I am looking forward to seeing what the next 18 days will bring--even if the diabolical "plank" is involved.


Brittany said...

An inch of baby flab in less than a week?! Hello! I know what I'll be doing once I recover from Naomi! That is amazing! Keep it up!

Brittany said...

No! Not less than a week! Almost 2 weeks. Like I said, it is a pretty tough work out! Plus I am walking every day with the dog too. So, 20 minutes of workout, 20 minutes of walking.

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