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BAM Family

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY Gifts for Grown-Ups

Christmas is coming! 
How about some DIY gifts for the grown-ups in your life? (Can you tell I spend most of my days with kids?)

Buttercup Bag
(The lady who designed this bag offers a FREE pattern on her blog for a small purse. 
I bought the larger pattern for an extremely low price. So worth it!)
Even a beginning sewer can complete this easy purse.
I made bags for all my sisters and sis-in-laws and best friends a few years ago for Christmas. 
What made this project super economical was the fact that I made all the bags from upcycled clothing and fabric that I got at Goodwill (the lining of this purse is new fabric). This pink purse is made from a lady's blazer. I also made bags from corduroy pants and curtains. 
Every purse is one of a kind!
If you are into fashion and going green, this is the project for you. 

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion
If you have a mom, grandma or hey, even a best friend that sews, this is a sweet, fast little project. 
Click here for how to sew this simple pin cushion that ties onto your sewing machine. No more rolling your pin cushion onto the floor! 

Monogramed Ornaments
Last year, I made monogramed ornaments for every member of my family and extended family. Wow! That was a big project--but fun too! With just a little craft felt, crochet thread, ribbon and hot glue, you can make a personalized gift for your family and friends to grace their Christmas tree year after year. 

Christmas Cards or Note Cards from Kids Artwork
Do you have a ton of your kids' artwork that you don't know what to do with? Cut it up and make note cards out of it to give to your parents, grandparents and teachers!

Favorite Sweatshirt Pillow
Ok, I know these ideas are low on the scale of male ideas. And aren't men the hardest to shop for? Here's a little idea of what to do with his favorite sweatshirt that is just not wearable anymore. Make a pillow out of it! (Be sure that he really is ok with you cutting up his shirt though...believe me.)
I made this soft pillow a friend's request and he loved the outcome! 
And I loved that it was so fast and easy to make.

When all else fails and you don't know know what to make for all those people on your list, make them food. Everyone loves food, especially cookies!
These Mint Double Chocolate Chip Cookies are DELICIOUS, easy, and super economical--the base is  cake mix!

Hope this gives you some DIY ideas for your family and friends!

Coming soon: DIY Christmas Decorating on a Budget

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