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BAM Family

Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is coming!!! 
When I was a kid, I always loved one-a-day countdown to Christmas activities. We usually had one of those Advent calendars where you opened up a little "door" a day or this Advent calendar (we had this one when I was a kid and my parents very generously bought it for us this year!) 
In addition to our one-a-day Nativity Advent Calendar, I made a one-a-day Countdown to Christmas using this picture via Pintrest as my inspiration. I made the envelopes out of fleece by hand-stitching them together and embroidering the numbers. I also made the buttons out of Sculpy clay and sewed them on (I started this project last Tuesday and finished today so it took me a few days).
 I am going to put little gifts or pieces of paper with fun activities that we will do each day leading up to Christmas
Thu1. Tow Mater Socks (Dollar Section at Target)
Fri2. Make Cookies with Mommy/Christmas Party!
Sat3. Make Christmas snowmen ornaments
Sun4. Mini Candy Canes
Mon5. Corduroy Christmas Book (a lift-the-flap book I got at the used book store)
Tue6. Make Nativity toys (been saving the toilet paper rolls!)
Wed7. Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
Thu8. Chocolate Candy
Sat10. Watch Veggies tales Christmas movie
Sun11. Mini Candy Canes
Mon12. The Night before Christmas book (used bookstore)
Tue13. Play games on the computer (evening)
Wed14. Ride on Train at the mall
Thu15. Chocolate Candy
Sat17. Bubble bath (Dollar Section at Target)
Sun18. Mini Candy canes
 Mon19. Make Christmas Cards for Teachers 
Tue20. Play games on the Wii (evening)
Thu22. Chocolate Candy
Fri23. Go look at Christmas lights
Sat24. Away in the Manger Book (used bookstore)
We don't have a lot of money for Christmas presents this year but I am hoping that we can make some great memories together with these special activities
 I am looking froward to celebrating the whole month with Micah
...and Benji. 
Oh, and Aaron too. :) 

How do you count down to Christmas? Please share your ideas and traditions! 


CupCakeCutie said...

growing up my family didn't have much money at all 5 out of us 6 kids were born into a family bellow the poverty level. My parents did an advent calendar with us. To this day that is the most lasting memory we all have of Christmas. You are doing a great job at creating memories and stories for you children that will last way past a couple of walmart toys.

Anonymous said...

Great advent calendar! You're quite creative, Brittany.

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