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BAM Family

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dining Room Clutter: Before and After

Hi, I'm Brittany and I have WAY too much clutter in my house. 
It's pretty embarrassing actually.

Well, today I decided to tackle one of the worst offenders: The Dinning Room Buffet (or hutch. or whatever this piece of furniture is called).
(sorry the photo is a bit washed out on the Left. The sun was blazing in the window)

Ak! Horrible, isn't it? I'm sad to say that it has been this way for months (Um...maybe longer...)
There are medicine and vitamin bottles, sewing projects, cookbooks, phone books, CDs, tapes, pictures, craft projects, candy, tools, napkins, bibs, etc, etc, on this poor little hutch. 
It was also screaming for a good cleaning as it has collected, oh, FOUR years of children's grimy fingerprints. 
This isn't even all the stuff. I didn't get a picture of the kitchen counter or the dining room chairs. 
Ahhh!!! So much better! 
And so much cleaner! I'm telling you, my washcloth was black from scrubbing those doors and drawer fronts. 


(note to self: must clean more often. Looks like there are still fingerprints on the upper Left drawer...)

I even cleaned out and organized the top 3 drawers and the right cabinet. YEA! 
This took me about two hours but the result is SO worth it. More organized, open, and clean. 

Do you have any clutter that needs tackling? Go ahead--take the plunge. I have, um, a couple more rooms (read: all) in my house that could use a good de-cluttering. 

But first, to tackle the laundry.....

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Debbie said...

Nice job, Brit!! Wanna come do my kitchen pantry??? Or perhaps the top of my fridge??? :)

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