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BAM Family

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pregnancy Diary 19-28 weeks

Well, it's been about 10 weeks since I did my last pregnancy diary post. Here are my thoughts--and my 4 year old twins thoughts--about my pregnancy in these past few months:

May 22: ‎(Benji, laying on my shoulder with his hand on my belly) Me: did you feel THAT?! Benji: (beyond excited) YES!!!!!

May 23: pink or blue? Only 7 more days till we find out!!!

May 24: it's 10:30pm. Time to eat cereal. BABY WANT FOOOOOD!

May 28: Micah: "But I don't WANT a new baby! I want it to go away!" Sorry kiddo....have a feeling that he is going to be a little jealous when Baby Q arrives....

May 29: Benji: Tomorrow, we get to see the baby in mommy's tummy on the TV! (a sonogram from a 4 year olds perspective)

May 30: soooo exhausted today....

Later: Boy or Girl? Appointment at 3:15 today!

Later: Well, looks like more snips and snails and puppy dog tails for this family. We're having a boy! (<-- click here for sonogram pictures and my thoughts about having 3 boys!!)

May 31: Trying to get excited about having a 3rd boy.

June 4: Micah got to feel his baby brother kick tonight!

June 5: wow! Baby is kicking so hard it is making me jump! Sounds like he is going to fit right in with his active older brothers! (I am scared....)

June 13: sleep as avoided me for night 2. :P

June 14: finally got a good sleep last night!

Later: just ate chips and salsa and a bowl of fruit loops for lunch. I must be pregnant, or something.

June 15: had a great time visiting with Debbie today! And I got a taste of what it will be like to have a newborn!

June 18: WOW! I received a brand-new stroller and baby tub today from a friend (Glory) (who got them from another friend who was baby-stuff purging)! They are perfect and I couldn't have picked out anything better myself! So thankful!

June 20: watching my belly shake with baby kicks. Always cool and kinda weird.

June 21: heartburn? from water? seriously? :P

June 22: someone searched "June 2012 Belly Shots" and found my blog. At first I was like, "wha-a-a-a-t???" Then I realized that the post was my 20 week pregnancy belly post. Wonder if that is what they were looking for....

June 24: Pregnancy perspective from a man: Me: Pregnancy is LONG. Aaron: Just be glad you're not an elephant. (Very true, my dear, very true).

June 26: naps for me and the boys this afternoon. Mmmmm....

June 27: Baby Q officially has a name! Silas Edward Meng :)

June 28: successfully went through ALL my baby clothes today (newborn-2T). With older twin brothers, Silas is not going to lack for clothes Except for 9-12 months. At this point, he will be naked because I cannot seem to find any 9-12 month clothes. What happened?

Weight gain so far: 16 lbs
July 3: (5 day Power outage!) Thankful to have some heat relief and a shower today but also feeling tired and cranky

July 3: tried to take a nap today but was thwarted by my pregnancy bladder and a fly who insisted on attacking my face.

July 5: My unborn child apparently views my bladder as his personal punching/kicking bag....oi!

July 6: Can I just stay in bed all morning? Yawn.........

July 6: people still don't realize I'm pregnant if I am sitting!

Later: Just put away all the clothes that don't currently fit me. Wonder when I will see them again...hopefully in about 6-8 months...

July 7: Being pregnant makes you consider normally insane ideas, like "if I had a catheter would I be able to sleep through the night? Hmmm...." I must be going nuts....

July 9: Abnormally exhausted today. Forcing myself to function. And my boys are wild! Sigh....

July 10: Spent the evening on etsy looking at baby nursery d├ęcor for Silas. :D

July 12: Total weight 19 pounds. had a doctor's appt this morning. Everything looks good. Baby/belly is measuring right on track. Talked about varicose vein leg pain.

July 13: has officially out-grown a pair of pregnancy capris. Thank goodness Brittany Meng Rollins (my sis-in-law) helped a girl out by sending me her maternity clothes!

Later: sewing burp cloths for Silas! :D

July 15: just watched The Business of Being Born (full documentary on youtube!) Excellent and inspiring!

July 16: Dear Energy, 1 hour? That is all it took for you to abandon me? please come back! I need you!

Later: agenda for this afternoon: Rest.

July 18: just ate a 2nd bowl of pasta and chicken. One for me, one for Silas. Right? :)

July 24: Best thing about a pregnant mama according to a 4 year old boy: Getting to push in the popped out belly button and say "BEEP!" hahah!

July 25: Benji: "Baby Silas is going to GROW! He is going to grow into a baby sister!"
Sorry, honey. That is not how these things work...

Later: working on diapers for Silas. :)

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