BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pregnancy Diary 1-18 weeks

This post is mostly for me, though I thought other people might get  laugh out of my facebook pregnancy posts so far, especially the things that the boys have said. 

The short version? Seems like I did a lot of complaining about being sick; I am super cranky and hormonal when pregnant; and my boys have some hilarious thoughts about their unborn brother or sister. 

Feb 3: positive test! Told  Aaron. His response? “Ohhhh….damn!” ::grins:: Stayed up late talking...
Feb 4: positive test #2!
Feb 6: Called Doctor. Won’t see me till March 21st. :P
Feb 17: Made Meng 1-5 shirts. See our announcement here! 
Feb 18: Told the boys. See boys' full response to the BIG news that they are going to be BIG brothers! Sent pictures to family tonight. Aaron’s mom (he sent her the photo over text) is the first to call.
Feb 21: lunch sounded gross so I ate breakfast again--two eggs, two ego-waffles and a banana
later: I hate snacking...unfortunately, it is the only way to keep the nausea away. :P
Feb 22: only thing that sounds good right now is chicken noodle soup but that isn't very filling so I'm going to have to repeat this eating thing soon....
Feb 26: actually has an appetite at the moment! We'll see how long it lasts...taking advantage by attempting to eat lunch again.
Feb 27: feeling "better" today. Always go to have a good day in the midst of the first trimester.

Mar 2: so tired...can't I just stay in bed all day?
Mar 3: is SO over this all-day nausea...ugg...I just want to feel better.
Mar 4: so sick. Been in bed all day...
Mar 5: sipping mint tea and praying to feel better than I did yesterday....
later: has zero motivation and energy. But I do have will-power.
Mar 6: praying for strength, energy, and wellness I need to go grocery shopping. With the boys. That's a whole other prayer request...
Mar 8: looking at Maternity clothes online and feeling completely uninspired....
Mar 13: why is my fuse so short with my kids? I go from calm to bull-rage mad in 2.3 seconds....sigh....
Mar 14: yesterday, more energy than I've had in a while. Today, wiped out.
later: So apparently, I woke Aaron up last night, frantically shaking him saying, "Do you hear that? Do you hear that?! Do you HEAR the HUMMINGBIRDS?? The HUMMINGBIRDS? oh wait....nevermind...." Crazy pregnancy dream.....
Mar 15: crying my eyes out at Private Practice tonight. And I am not a TV/movie cry-er. Stupid hormones....
Mar 17: every time I tell people I am feeling "better", I throw up the next day....I think I'll just stick to "I'm feeling pregnant."
Mar 19: nausea, go away....
later: craving a shake from Bogeys. Too bad it's over 2000 miles away....
Mar 21: had my ultrasound! Just one baby--and a wiggly one at that! So cute!
later: Micah told me today that he wants a baby sister. :)
Mar 25: Reality check: Last night, someone asked us if it was our first baby. Aaron and I answered in union, "No, it's our third!" Me: (thinking) THREE????? AHHHHHHHH!
Mar 30: current pregnancy craving = homemade cinnamon bread. So, I'm making some. We'll see what time I end up getting to bed tonight.

Apr 1: I asked Benji what he thought the baby was doing in my belly. His response: The baby is playing. With blocks! And taking a bath with his rubber ducky. :D
Apr 11: Holy Hormones! I had some crazy dreams last night, all filled with intense, out-of-control emotional reactions to normal situations. In my dream I was screaming at my poor husband (about what?) and breaking dishes as I unloaded the dishwasher. Yikes! I was also agonizing over which preschool to put the boys in.
Apr 12: I usually love cooking but I have no motivation or energy tonight.....:P
 later: there's "pregnancy tired." Then there's "parenting tired." Then there's "pregnancy + parenting tired." I'm in the latter category...
Apr 13: is a crank this morning....
Apr 14: ‎1 trip to Goodwill +$4.00+ 2 hours =maternity jeans (from GAP!) that fit me perfectly!
Apr 20: Benji: There's no baby in there. You just ate too much food!
Apr 23: Aaron: Benji, what's the baby doing in Mommy's belly? Benji: He's playing. Hide and seek! ::pause:: He's hiding.
Apr 24: got to hear Baby Q's heartbeat today! A strong 160. Plus baby gave a strong kick at the heartbeat monitor too. Feisty little Meng!
Apr 27: ‎16 weeks today and loving the little baby nudges I've been feeling for about a week! :)
Apr 30: PBS has been on all morning....just been one of those days.
later: boys are in bed. Time for chocolate cake.

May 1: well, HI Little baby! I love to feel your nudges!
May 3: hands are shaking....weird pregnancy symptom?
May 5: holy cow--was I this cranky before I was pregnant? Sigh....good thing my family is pretty forgiving of me.
Me: What's the baby doing in Mommy's belly, Benji? Benji: He's cleaning. He likes to clean. Just like his mother. Me: HA! (I hate cleaning! Apparently my son thinks otherwise)
May 7: my sister Chelsea just sent me a bunch of shirts! YEA for new clothes!
May 12: ‎18 weeks pregnant and 18 days till we find out BOY or GIRL! Anyone want to guess what we are having?? :)
May 14: Pregnancy perspective (from a man): Me: I've had to visit the bathroom, like, 6 times in the past two hours!! Aaron: Well, it''s better than peeing your pants. Very true, dear husband, very true.
10:45pm: HUNGRY! What should I eat....?
May 15: I think tired and grumpy must be my new personality...sigh....
later: Could literally FEEL the baby/belly growing today. A quick weight check showed I was up 3 pounds from YESTERDAY! Holy cow. No wonder I was so tired today.
May 18: Baby Q = energy sucker. Taking a nap...
May 19: do I really not look pregnant or are people just being polite when they say, "OH! You're expecting?!"

I realize that this is not neat and organized into months or trimesters. Oh well! Our next big announcement will be May 30: boy or girl????

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