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BAM Family

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

20 week belly pictures + Sonogram pictures

I am officially half-way through my pregnancy (well, actually a little more since I am 21 weeks today)! 
Here is the belly shot! 
People are constantly surprised when I reveal "Oh yes, we are expecting a little one in October!"
When I look at this picture, I am like, "How can you miss it?!" 
 I know I am growing because this picture was taken at 14 weeks (same shirt)
 We found out one week ago that we are expecting another boy! 
(the sonogram tech wrote "Our three sons" in this shot)
I have to be honest: I teared up after she showed this shot. 
And I bawled my eyes out later that night at home. I really, really had my heart set on a little girl. 
A 3D shot of Baby Q's face (hand right in front) Aaron and I both think he looks like Benji
But the next day I was feeling a bit better. Not happy or excited. But better. 
And now a week later, I am feeling content. 
Yet a little scared too. 
THREE boys? 
Holy crap! 
I never saw myself as a mom of boys (I still have a hard time identifying myself as such) even though people have told me, "You are such a good mom to boys!" 
I have no idea what they mean. 

But, I do know a little more what to expect this time around. 
A boy needs lots of food, lots of exercise, and lots of love. 
And I should probably invest in some (more) indestructible furniture, stain remover and good quality ear plugs. 
Baby Q (no official name yet!) is very healthy and growing right on track. We are so thankful for that. 
And I am getting more excited to meet our new little guy and see how Micah and Benji blossom into big brothers. 

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Olivia said...

Look at that cute bump and that adorable baby face!!! Oh my goodness! It's OK to be a little disappointed, but I am sure you will be overjoyed when this little guy is in your arms :)

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