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BAM Family

Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Burp Cloths

You can never, ever have enough burp cloths when you have a newborn. Unfortunately, even though I have twins, I don't have any burp cloths left. They got worn out, stained beyond respectable use, or just plain nasty. So, today I sewed a dozen burp cloths for our new little guy-on-the-way.
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 Burp cloths are really easy to make. I won't do a tutorial here because it would be easier to google "burp cloth tutorial"
Basically, I cut two rectangles of fabric with rounded corners and put them right sides together. Then I sewed around the edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a 2-3 inch opening. I then turned and top stitched (a narrow stitch around the perimeter of the burp cloth to sew the opening shut). Done!
 This is a great fabric stash busting project! I didn't buy any fabric to make these. In fact, I upcycled several pieces of clothing to make these! The black plaid was a pair of Aaron's shorts that had a tear.
 These green plaid ones were a pair of Aaron's pj pants that were really worn out. 
 These burp cloths are made out of a pair of really soft corduroy pants.
These cloths are from the lining of a skirt that I didn't like. All the cloths are backed wit recycled flannel from Micah and Benji's old receiving blankets. So, this little project is a whole family affair! Shorts/pants from Daddy, blankets from big brothers, sewn by Mommy!

Now I have a dozen new burp cloths for Silas Edward! Think I have enough?? I'm not sure.... 
I also made these six for a friend who is having a girl.These cloths are backed by new white flannel.

They are so pretty! I hope she likes them. :) 
(I did a little upcycling on these too--the blue flowered fabric is from a skirt and the pink flowered is from a sundress. I love finding new purposes for unused garments!)

Burp cloths are so easy and inexpensive to make. I really enjoyed making them special for our new little boy. 

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