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BAM Family

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sewing for me: Date Night Sorbetto Shirt

Aaron and I went on a date last night! I actually don't remember the last time we went out by ourselves--sad, huh? As a thank you to Aaron for his service as youth pastor for the last three years (and a good bye gift as this past Sunday was our last week at church), our church gave us a gift certificate to a super nice (expensive!) restaurant in downtown Lynchburg (right along the James River) called Shoemaker's Grille. 
Like every girl, I wanted a new outfit to wear out on our date! So, I decided to sew a new blouse. I have been following the Sew Weekly blog and she just did a series this past week on the (free pattern!) Sorbetto Shirt: check out her awesome variations on this blouse HERE
Here is my version: 
 I altered in a bit to fit me. The measurements said I was a size 8 for the shirt; however, while it fit in the bust, I had to take in the sleeves (pattern found here) and the sides of the shirt about 5/8 inch on each side. It still feels a little tent-y but the eyelet lace fabric I used has a lot of body to it. I am looking forward to sewing this pattern again with a fabric that has a little more drape. I also lengthened the shirt a few inches. 
After sewing the pleat the whole way down (as shown in the original) I didn't like the look. I unpicked it to a few inches below the bust line and really liked the way the blouse flows out at the bottom--very retro sixties. 
The best part of this pattern? It was so simple and I sewed the whole thing in just a few hours yesterday afternoon.  
 Paired with skinny jeans, a pink tank, peep-toe heels (sorry they don't show in the picture--they are my current favorite!) and my bouncy curly hair (I used this tutorial to achieve SUPER easy, heatless curls)...
(Aaron spent the whole day outside rafting with the youth group and playing softball...hence the sunburn)

...and we were ready for our date. We had such a nice time. The restaurant was beautiful and the food was DELICIOUS!! We got calamari for an appetizer and before our entrees we ate sour dough rolls and caesar salads. Aaron got a man-sized steak and amazing mashed potatoes with basil. I got to-die-for salmon stuffed with crab on a bed of garlic spinach with dijon sauce 

::singing angel voices:: 

I could only eat HALF of my entree--I was so full after all the pre-meal food. I would have loved to try the key lime torte (my all-time favorite dessert) but my skinny jeans were feeling uncomfortably tight by the end of the meal. Maybe next time.
Amazing food + wonderful conversation (uninterrupted by two extremely talkative three-year-olds) + feeling pretty in a new outfit while out with my husband = a perfect evening. 


Brittany @ The Rollins World said...

How fun! And what a cute blouse! I wish I could do skinny jeans. I tried some on in target and after I finally got them on, I looked ridiculous. I envythose who can work 'em! So why are you guys leaving your church?

Cheryl Smith said...

So glad you guys had a great night and sorry that I missed your last Sunday.


Brittany said...

@Brittany: I haven't had much luck with Target jeans either. These are from New York and Company (and I shortened them to fit my short legs). Aaron is going back to school this fall and so he resigned from the youth position.

@Cheryl, we missed seeing you too! Aaron loved seeing Peter and the boys yesterday!

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