BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Character Pillows: A fast and easy project

This is a super-fast, fun and EASY project for those of you who think you can't sew "fancy-schmancy" toys for your kids--Character pillows! Your kids will think you are a GENIUS! 
A friend of my gave me these Cars decals (iron-on/sew on). I cut a pillow shape from some green/gray velvet in my stash and sewed around the edge of the decal (is that the right word? Cannot think of another one at the moment so there ya go...) Then I stitched up the pillow, stuffed it and machine sewed it shut on the end. DONE! EASY!
And happy kiddos! Thanks Mom!

(I was actually having a really bad morning when I made these. I'll blame it on PMS. Anyways, I spent a good 20 minutes chucking Lightning McQueen and the Policeman pillows at the boys. They thought it was great fun. And I got some aggression out. Win-win, right?) 

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Olivia said...

Awesome! Those are cute :)

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