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BAM Family

Monday, August 15, 2011

The New and Improved BAM Diaper Cover

Remember this post: "BAM Diaper Cover: An Experiment"? I had several wonderful moms try out my diaper cover, some as far away as Alaska and Rhode Island! 
Here is what they had to say: 

I started using this diaper cover when my daughter was around 8 1/2 lbs.  Since our prefolds are all too big and bulky for this cover, I use my small gDiaper inserts.  That insert length works perfectly with this cover and keeps the messes in very well.  I haven't had problems with leaks and the cover and insert make for a very trim-looking diaper.  I love how easy this cover is to wipe off and clean.  The velcro fasteners create a very snug waist and fold back easily for washing.  I use several (size small) BAM all-in-one diapers and this cover has the same trim fit.  Overall, great cover! ~Erica

I wanted to update you on our Diaper Experiment. it's going GREAT! it has washed up well (no fraying or anything like that), we've had no leaks or blow outs, and it fits really well- even with xavier's chunky belly and thighs. so far so good! thanks for letting him be a guinea pig. :O) i like all-in-ones more than any other style of cloth diaper (just way easy!) but this is a close second. we're using mock g-diapers and that isn't going nearly as well as your's. ~Aya

So far, I *love* the cover . . . I really like how trim the cover is- the tabs over the hips are much thinner than bummis/motherease/kissaluv covers that I've used. This is really nice, because I feel like it makes it easier to move around in. The downside to the trim fit is that I doubt the cover would fit well over contours or fitted diapers. I have been using flats or infant-sized prefolds (which is my personal preference, since we change with every wet- about every hour the babe is awake). I did *JUST BARELY* manage to stuff a regular sized prefold in once, but there were big gaps around the legs from the overstuffing. I'd personally like to see a little more space in the butt of the diaper- we didn't have any "blowouts" while trying the cover, but I am a little nervous bc of the cover's tight fit that the it might not hold the mess in. ~Rachel

OKAY-We tried the cover over the last two days-with inserts, with pre-folds and with flats. The main problem we had was the fit. The material around the edges seemed to fold in on itself after it was prepped so that was tough also. It didn't want to stay flat while I was trying to get it on my son and since the fit was so small, it made it even harder. I don't know if the size was just off-my son is 9 weeks and just over 12 pounds now. I couldn't fit it over the flat diaper without tons of the diaper coming out. It was very trim, which I like but a bit too trim to really fit the diaper. I also couldn't get the waist tight enough while being big enough around the thighs. Aside from the rolling and the fit issues, it seemed to work well. The material left a bit of a red mark around the waist and thighs but it could have been from me trying to get a good fit. There were no leaks during testing either.  ~Laurie

So, there were some good things going on with the BAM cover:
Trim fit
No leaks

But some obvious problems too, the biggest being fit, a pretty important issue. 
I went back to the drawing board and designed a new cover, inspired by the FLIP system of diaper cover. The new BAM cover has been tested and it works well! 

So I would like to introduce the NEW and IMPROVED 
BAM Diaper Cover

 Same shape as the BAM All In One with fold-back laundry tabs
One layer of PUL (still thoroughly waterproof)
Wider through the legs and tush area
Improved elastic gussets in the legs and back

 Pocket in the front and back to keep prefold diaper in place 
The most important aspect I improved was the fit around the legs. I made sure that the prefold would fit in the cover securely without sticking out at all. 
The prefold (Chinese prefold, green trim) pictured is an Infant size and fits perfectly in this Small cover.  However, a Regular size prefold will also work if you fold the short ends in (as opposed to the long ends, as pictured above. Hope this makes sense). 

Using a cover and prefold system is a very economical way to cloth diaper your baby. For every dozen prefold diapers you buy (roughly $1.50 each), you only need 3-4 covers. 

BAM Diaper Covers:
Small (10-20lbs): $10.00
Medium (20-30lbs): $10.00

Please email me if you would like to place an order:
Happy Cloth Diapering! 

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tad holtz said...

ever thought about making these for adults also?

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