BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, August 1, 2011

BAM Diapers: August Special!

For this month I will be offering a SPECIAL Offer for BAM Cloth diapers: 
Ten FREE cloth Wipes when you buy...
 ...three BAM All-in-One Diapers!
 Cloth wipes just make sense when using cloth diapers. BAM cloth wipes are made of soft flannel and are zig-zagged to prevent fraying. These sturdy wipes really get the job done whether they are dry, used with water, or with a homemade wipes solution (there are plenty of "recipes" online!). After using, just throw these wipes in your diaper pail with your diapers and wash. Then use again. And again!  More money saved for your family! 
 I currently have plenty of light yellow and light aqua PUL for diapers. I also have a few small (10-20lbs) cuts of PUL in bright yellow, red, and green. 
Want to take advantage of this Special Offer? Email me:
(Just want some wipes? 10 wipes for $5) 

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