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Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodwill Refashion: Gray Dress

For the past 6-7 months or so, I have followed New Dress A Day, a blog where this wonderfully creative girl (lady? woman?) refashioned an outfit a day for one year. She just recently finished her one-year adventure and I have really missed her daily updates (she still posts her projects, just not every day).

That blog, and others, inspired me to do some Goodwill refashioning of my own. I love new clothes but don't have a lot of money to spend. At the mall, I am lucky if I can get even ONE outfit (or piece of clothing!) for $20.

Well, yesterday I spent some quality time at Goodwill searching for diamonds in the rough--aka clothes that have the potential to be amazing with a few snips and stitches.

Here is my first refashion attempt on a dress.


(BTW, this is a HORRID picture of me. I hate it! But I accidentally deleted the "good" picture of the "before" dress)

What I loved: I paid $3.50 for this little number. I loved the material (it is a subtle houndstooth pattern. If you click on the picture to enlarge you can probably see it) and the cute sleeves. I also liked the empire waist (it flows AWAY from the body...a good thing for any woman who has had a kid or two)

What I hated: the length = Mid-calf. UG. Horrible length for anyone, in my opinion. Even worse for someone who is short like me. I also despised the neckline. Gag. Literally. 

I shortened the dress to my knees and sewed a new hem. I also had to sew shut the slit in the back of the dress. I also lowered the neckline. That took some um....creativity. My first attempt didn't work but I think it looks good now. Still modest but the dress doesn't look like it is choking me anymore.

I am wearing some black heels (which my brother did not get into the pic...oh well!) but I think with some sheer black stockings, black heels, and these pearls, this dress will be awesome for work, church, or a date night (whenever that may happen! HA!)

Not bad for $3.50 + two hours, huh?


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Wow. Great job . . . and great new look!!

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