BAM Family

BAM Family

Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Teacher Award

Yesterday I got my course evaluations for teaching last semester. Here are some of my favorite comments:

The prompt: What did you like most about this class?

Mrs. Meng!

The atmosphere of the classroom and how the teacher treated us.

the awesome teacher

The instructor was very helpful.

I really liked my GSA, Mrs. Brittany Meng. She helped me out with my papers, and really wanted me to succeed.

My GSA, Mrs. Meng, was a very good teacher! She helped me a lot with her feedback.

My GSA, Mrs. Meng, was the only good thing about this class.

Mrs. Meng being a straight baller. She was probably the best teacher eva.

The best part about this course was by far my GSA. She was always willing to meet with me and help me with what ever I needed. She was gracious yet firm in the policy. I not only learned a lot from her through her teaching, but through her character and personality. She is an amazing person and I am proud to say she's my GSA. (This one almost made me cry!!)

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