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BAM Family

Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Animal Song

My favorite song when I was three years old was the "Baby Animal Song" I learned in Awana Cubbies. I even have a tape of me singing it over and over again with every animal I could think of.

The song goes a little like this:

"Baby [insert animal of choice] says
[insert animal noise]
Like his mother and his father
God gave me a family too
And we love one another"

Precious, huh? Well, I taught the song to the boys and they want me to sing it every night. I always have them pick the animal and say the noise. We also add a hearty "WHOO!" at the end of the song too.

This evening we did the standard "baby kitty," "baby cow," etc. But sometimes the downright weird animal creeps in. As in Micah's request of "baby octopus" (wh-a-a-a?) I am always curious to hear what kind of noise the boys will come up with. The song went a little like this:

Me: Baby octopus says
Micah: [strangled gargling noise]
Me: Like his mother and his father. God gave me a family too. And we love--
Both: one ano-o-o-o-o-ther! WHOO!

Benji frequently requests inanimate objects. Tonight we sang "baby car" (VRROOM VRROOM) and "baby truck" (Um...sounds pretty much like baby car). My favorite one he came up with is "baby track" (again...wh-a-a-a?). I just went with it and left a big silence for the noise: "baby track" says "choo choo!" Of course! Like a baby train track! ("Baby train" says the same thing, just in case you were wondering).

I wonder if it will come as a shock when they are older that cars, trucks, tracks (busses, trains, tractors, etc) do not, in fact, have mothers or fathers.

I think I'll hold off on the truth. Their versions of the Baby Animal Song are just too precious right now.

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