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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Potty Training: One Week Recap

Seems like the vast majority of my blog posts have to do with bodily eliminations. Kinda gross but that is my life right now, I guess. My brother (single) commented when he spent time with my sister and me (both married with kids) that all we talk about is poop. NO we don't! we loudly protested...and then went on to tell another blowout or diaper disaster story. So, it's true. Poop occupies much of my time and apparently, writing. I might as well accept my lot as a mother of two two-year-old boys...

...who am am trying to potty train at the moment.

The grand day was one week ago. On Potty Training Eve, I made adorable Thomas the Train potty charts, completely laminated. I then hot glued tiny pieces of soft velcro to the chart and then glued the sticky velcro pieces to carefully laminated Thomas the Train stickers. (If my camera and computer decided to cooperate I would just post a picture, but alas... they are still fighting at the moment).

I laid out many many towels all around my living room floor and furniture and I plopped our potty chairs in front of the TV. And the next day, all the boys (and I) did was sit on the potty every 15 minutes (well, not ME) and watch Dora the Explorer (PRINCESS ADVENTURE) over and over again. We had a few successes (!!!!) which were accompanied by much praise and singing from Mama, a sticker for the VERY cool sticker chart Mom made and mini chocolate chips.

I decided to go straight to underwear instead of going the pull-up route. I have a feeling the pull-up would be just like a diaper to the boys. On the first day, I refashioned 10 onesies into underpants (or as we call them, "unders") for the boys. Again, I would post pics but... We have 3 pairs of Walmart training pants and 2 pairs of some other unders from someone and not surprisingly, I have been washing unders and towels and clean up rags every day to keep up with the the demand. Yesterday we went through all the unders and I ended up putting them in a diaper so they wouldn't be running around the yard in glorious nudity--though they probably would have preferred that.

Over all, I guess the week has been ok. Monday was the best day. After 3 accidents (between the two of them) in the morning, they each went 3 times in the potty over the course of the rest of the day! WOOT! I was so happy! They are getting it!!!!

Well, no. Not yet.
Since Monday I think we have had 1 success a day. Between the two of them. SIGH.

I know I will look back in 5 years, heck, even 2 years and wonder why I was so frustrated. In 15 years, I won't even remember! And I am really not THAT frustrated. It has been a week. A week. JUST  a week.

It's been a pretty long week.

I am just hoping that one day, very, very soon, it will all click--they will tell me before they pee on the dining room chair (and not just say "wet..." afterwards), they will point their boy parts DOWN consistently (instead of peeing all over the floor), they will NOT poop in their underwear, and I will not feel discouraged every day.

Well, this LONG post must end. I need to fold a basket of clean unders and towels and gear up for PT week TWO!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, hope they catch on soon! It makes me think that I will just wait a little longer before doing a full-blown effort with Lukas. I would really like to get it done in the summer, though, just like you!
I hope to hear news soon of your boys only having one ACCIDENT per day instead of only one SUCCESS.
Laurel J.

Olivia Arlene said...

It will happen! They are still little. I do think it takes boys a little longer than girls, but it sounds like you are on the right track!

Hang in there :-)

parker said...

that picture at the top with a subject of potty training keeps making me think the kids are peeing off that deck, which i bet you wish they would do. i too am potty training my little one. good luck with your endeavors!

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