BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Passport 2010 Day 1

Well, all I can say is, our trip to Passport camp has been much less eventful than last year. We passed the place where we broke down and thanked the Lord above that the van was purring like a kitten. AND we made it to our hotel with not problems besides some brief pouring rain.

Aaron and I were both pretty sad to leave the boys this morning but three calls to Aaron's mom (who is staying with them for the week) assured us that they stopped crying soon after we left and then went on to have a great day.

We have five boys and three girls on this trip and let me say, the boys are FULL of energy and noise. It just makes me think, Hmm this is going to be us in about 11 years....w.o.w.

We are having a great time. I got some brand spankin' new books (nothing to do with the thesis [read: mindless fiction]) for the trip and am enjoying them tremendously! ::happy sigh::

Tomorrow, we go to Concord to visit some amazing literary sites, maybe to the beach (though we are trying to convince the kids that the beach in New England is not the beach of North Carolina or Florida) and on to check into camp. Wish us a happy week! I hope to update our adventures as the week goes along! Stay tuned.

I am just glad we are not spending another night in Frackville....

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