BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Adorable-ness

Just had to share so super cute things Benji has done lately--mostly so I won't forget!!

The other day Benji was sitting with Aaron on the couch with his toy elephant. Benji was very interested in Aaron' hair. In fact, it looked rather tasty--for the elephant! He kept bobbing his elephant up and down on Aaron's leg saying, "Elephant...hungry? Grass!!" ::bob, bob, bob::

This morning at church we picked up the boys from Sunday School. The boys had been talking about God's strength (I think) and they made little dumb-bells from pencils with wooden rings on the end. Benji was holding his and when I picked him up I asked him what it was. "MUSCLES!" Benji said proudly and he lifted dumb bell high above his head!

(I'm sure Micah has been doing cute things lately too but all I can think of is the messes he has peeing at the potty chair instead of in it, painting the bathroom wall with a watery paint mess from a soaking paint brush that Aaron had been using, and spilling sprinkles on the kitchen floor. Since Mommy had mopped the day before, she let the boys "clean them up" :)

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Olivia Arlene said...

LOL! Grass for the elephant ;-)

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