BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, January 7, 2013

Meng Menu

Sunday: Chili
Monday: Fajitas
Tuesday: Hellmans chicken, parmesan rice, broccoli
Wednesday: Broccoli cheese soup, bread
Thursday: Beef and bean burritos, garden salad
Friday: Grilled cheese, chips, apples
Saturday: Waffles, fruit salad,  turkey sausage

I realized that I hadn't blogged about menu planning for a while. That's what having a new baby will do, I guess! Silas is 2 months old now so I should be back on my game, right?

Aaron asked me to make some more dishes with beans since they are a good low-fat source of protein. So I have chili and beef and bean burritos on the menu this week (tweaking some recipes from I am not a huge fan of bean soup but does anyone have a favorite bean recipe to share? 

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