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BAM Family

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 3 Months, Silas!!

Happy Three Months, Silas Edward! You've come along way, baby! 
 Here you are, just a few days old. 
We were just getting to know each other. You were learning to nurse and learning to sleep at night. Now you are a great nurser and you are only waking up 1-2 times a night (as opposed to every 45 minutes when we took this picture).
 You are over 12 and a half pounds now! WOW! You are growing out of your 0-3 month clothes and have a few 3-6 month outfits that you fit in. 
 You have just started talking to your toys on your play mat. You can even reach out and grab your tiger! 
You also love music--but I knew that even when you were in my belly because every week at church you would jump around when we sang. When you hear singing or a CD, you stop and listen intently, stop fussing, or smile! 
 Even though you are only three months old, you already think your big brothers are the coolest thing ever! When they are jumping around, singing, or saying "Hi buddy!" to you, you smile and laugh! They love to blow flubs on your belly. You aren't sure what to think of this but Micah and Benji think it is hilarious! 
 You love your Daddy too! Whenever you hear his voice, you turn your head to look for him. You think his beard is kind of scratchy to your face but if you need to get to sleep, Daddy is your man! You love to rock, walk around, or get "the magic butt pat" to fall asleep. If all that fails though, you love to fall asleep nursing with Mommy. 
 You finally found your thumb! 
We were cheering you on, little man! It took a while but this week, you finally found the sweet spot. You hold your hand over your face while you suck. You also love to suck on your blue blanket, the one your great-grandmother made you.

When you wake up from your nap, you cry a little bit but as soon as you hear and see Mommy, you stop crying and smile! And you help Mommy out too by arching your back when she picks you up out of your bed. You know the routine! 
We took this picture today, Silas, on your three month birthday! 
You are SO loved, little guy, as your Daddy and I tell you every day. You are our smily sweetheart, our squishy little "Chubs." Keep growing, baby! We love getting to know you more each day. 

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Olivia said...

This was so sweet! I actually teared up a little bit reading it! What a sweet, happy little guy!

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