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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Top Ten Memories of our Christmas Vacation

Our Seven Best Memories of our Christmas Trip to Florida:

1.  My best friend, Candace came with us to Disney World! I'm glad we're still friends after she braved the 11 hour car trip from Virginia to Florida with us.
2. We went to Disney World for the first time! At 5 years old, Micah and Benji were the perfect age to be perfectly enchanted with everything Disney.  
Our family at Cinderella's Castle. I wore Silas in the wrap for the first half of the day and Candace wore him for the second half.
Even Silas got in on the Disney Fun! He slept the WHOLE DAY in the wrap! YEA!
We had a blast doing all-things-boy:
Meeting Buzz Lightyear, laughing it up at the Monsters INC show, getting major whiplash and laughing our heads off while the boys drove on the race car track, riding the spooky Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and taking the boys on their very first roller coaster: Thunder Mountain Railroad. 

Surprisingly, Micah (our often timid son) LOVED the "crazy train" (as he called TMR) but our crazy-Benji thought it was a little scary.
Meeting Buzz Lightyear! The boys LOVED riding the Buzz Lightyear ride as well!
3. A definite highlight was spending time with family, especially seeing M and B spend time with their cousins, Charlotte (5), Naomi (3) and Heidi (8 months) for the first time. 
Charlotte, Micah, Silas, Benji, Naomi, and Heidi
Christmas Eve: Our Family with Aaron's sister's family (Brittany, Jared, and girls)
Charlotte, Micah, Benji, Naomi
All four of the big kids loved playing together and "Char-lick" didn't mind that the boys couldn't pronounce her name. 

4. Although we spent the majority of time with Aaron's HUGE family (one family party boasted of 60ish Mengs), we also spent a few precious hours with my grandmother, Nonnie. 
She loved snuggling with her newest great-grandson. In fact, she did this instead of eating. 
Grandmother, Grand daughter, great-grandsons
Precious memories
 And I learned that my own great-grandmother, Elise May Long, had my shared interest and talent for writing and radio drama! Who knew?!

5. Another special memory was spending time with Angela, Aaron's older sister. She lives 5 minutes from Jacksonville Beach so the boys got to see the ocean for the first time! To them it was the greatest puddle ever (!) with an endless supply of splash-makers (shells) for throwing in the water. 
6. We spent Christmas Eve relaxing with just our family at the camp we were staying at. We had fun throwing rocks in the lake, looking at deer tracks, trekking through the woods, helping the boys climb through a rope maze, and napping. 
Silas turned 2 months old on Christmas Eve too
7.  Christmas morning was magical when the boys realized that "Santa came!" by witnessing that the cold hot chocolate and (rather dried out) dinner roll they left for him (hey, we didn't have cookies or milk!) had been drunk and eaten. Score one for Santa (and Mommy)! 

Our Top Three Not-so-awesome memories:

1. Getting a flat tire on our way home from Disney World. While we were stranded for 1.5 hours, Silas decided to have his first scream-fest. Thankfully, we got FREE help from the turn-pike serviceman. Thank God!

2. On the way to take Candace to the airport, Benji told us he had to pee. Of course, we JUST passed the rest stop. We asked him if he could hold it. 
"Nooooo! I can't!" he assured us. 
"Oh, yes! you can!" We assured him. 
Guess who was right? 

20 minutes later we hear: "I just peed" followed by a contented sigh from the back seat. 

Lesson learned. 

(Poor kid had to sit in his soaked pants for the next hour while we got to the airport and I frantically searched for size 5T pants in the airport mall. Thank you, Universal Studios Store for stocking $20 SpiderMan pants for my kid). 

And the next time he said "I have to pee!" from the back seat? You better believe we pulled over and let him do his business on the side of the road. 

3. We did a TON of driving. We put 1800 miles on our new car. Whew. 
Our Three boys: Benji, Silas, Micah
Overall, we had a great trip and Christmas in Florida but we are glad to be back home in Virginia. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Meng's!

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Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see the Spiderman pants. Haha.....another time. (Chenoa)

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