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Monday, December 17, 2012

DiY Peplum Shirt: Tutorial!

Peplum tops are so popular right now! With a cute little ruffle bottom, what's not to love? A peplum top is flattering too, especially for me since I am 7 weeks postpartum and have a *bit* of a tummy right now. 
Here is how to refashion a large maternity shirt into this cute top!
You need:
 An oversized maternity top (or any other large and long shirt)
First, cut off the bottom of the shirt 1 inch below your natural waist
Lay a shirt that fits you well over your large top. Cut sleeve to length if you want shorter sleeves. 
Fit your shirt with pins by using the smaller shirt as a pattern. Be sure to leave a seam allowance!
Sew along the pin line, removing pins as you go.
Try the shirt on and adjust if necessary.
Trim excess fabric.
To make the peplum, take the bottom of the shirt (the part you cut off) and sew 1/4 inch elastic (cut to the measurement of your natural waist) to the raw edge of the peplum
Use the stretch stitch on your sewing machine (the broken zig-zag above) to sew the elastic. 
Stretch the elastic as you sew to gather up the peplum.
Next, turn the shirt part right side out and put the shirt inside the peplum so right sides are together. Pin generously, stretching the elastic as you go. Use the stretch stitch again as you sew along the elastic a second time, joining the shirt and peplum together. 
Hem sleeves (if shortened).
Turn right side out. 
The finished product!
Even cuter with a belt or bow! 

This was a fast project and I think the results are pretty cute! Enjoy making your own peplum top!

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