BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sewing for kids: Soft balls

New a simple project that both little boys or girls would love? How about a sewing a soft ball? 
I actually made 3 balls today for a little girl who is turning one. (wish I had taken pictures before I wrapped them up for the party!) I used scraps of fabric (perfect stash busting project!), using different textures such as corduroy and fleece along with cotton. 

Then I made some balls for my boys out of left over fleece: Two big ones for my 5 year old twins and a little one for our baby (who has yet to make his appearance...40 weeks and 4 days....come on, kiddo!). 

Here is the tutorial and pattern I used (I actually had the PDF saved for a few months and am not sure where I got it....a quick google search came up this this pattern/tutorial). 
These balls are super simple to sew and a fast project that kids love! Plus they are so soft that there is no damage done when they are thrown in the house or at someone's head (can you tell I am a mom of boys???)

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