BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, October 1, 2012

Meng Menu

Monday: Sloppy joes, baked fries, fruit salad
Tuesday: Chicken parmesan, pasta, salad
Wednesday: Pot luck: Spinach lasagna rolls
Thursday: Chicken fajitas
Friday: Biscuits and gravy, fruit salad
Saturday: Pork chops, rice, green beans
Sunday: Homemade Clam chowder, yeast bread

I am going to try sloppy joes again this week. I meant to make them for Aaron's birthday. He requests them every year (and every week). Well, I started making the meal last Wednesday and went to get the meat out of the fridge. No hamburger, anywhere! I was like, what??? Apparently "Pregnancy Brain" struck again!

Nope. I was in full control of my brain last week. I actually DID buy hamburger! 

I just didn't get it out of my car. 

On Thursday Aaron said, "Your car smells like butt." I thought maybe it was a bit stale in there. By Friday though, the smell was worse. Aaron and I got to spend the whole afternoon together (sans kids!) and kept asking each other, "What is that smell??" What IS that smell??" 

Then it hit me. OH. NO. I bet the hamburger is still in the trunk. 

Well, sure enough! We got home from shopping and Aaron looked in. WAY in the back there was the hamburger, blown up the the size of a small football (thank God it didn't explode!) and smelling like....well, I'm sure you can imagine. 

So, we're trying sloppy joes again this week. I made sure that I got all the meat out of the trunk today. 

Price-wise, I was over budget at $148 total. Kroger was having a meat sale so I stocked up on meats. I'm thinking since I am almost 38 weeks pregnant, that might be a good idea. So, in addition to meats for this weeks dinners, I have a london broil, one dinner of chicken breasts, 3 dinners of pork chops, and a 6.5 pound turkey breast in the freezer! Plus, my grocery bill included toilet paper, oxi-clean, paper towels, vitamins, and kleenex. So, overall, I think I did pretty well! 

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