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BAM Family

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Wild Kratt's Creature Power Suit

Have you seen the PBS show "Wild Kratts"? 
My boys love it! The show is based on two brothers who (in real and animated life) are animal explorers. When they are learning about or rescuing an animal, the Kratt brothers don "Creature Power Suits," insert a "Creature Power Disk" and then take on the powers of the animal. 
It is a fun concept and show, as well as educational. Plus, pure fun for active little boys!
So, for their birthday, I made Creature Power Suits for the boys. I saw several examples online of other moms who made vests like these and after viewing their pictures, I just made up my own pattern by tracing a large version of one of the boys' shirts. 
I made them out of polar fleece though I have seen other people make vests out of felt, or even a t-shirt with the arms cut out. I wanted my vests to be washable (just in case) so I sewed everything on but hot glue would work too for a fun, dress up outfit. 
The best part about the Creature Power Suits is the Power Disks!
Some wonderful bloggers have designed Power Disks and made them available on their blogs for free printing. 
I got my disks from here and here.
We don't have a color printer so I got them printed on card stock and laminated at a local print shop for under $4. Sweet!
We hot glued the soft side of velcro on the backside of the disks (sticky side was sewn on the middle circle of the vest). I sewed a small pocket on the side of the vest to keep the disks in--easy access to change your Creature Power quickly!
The best part? I think this picture says it all!! Both of them are sporting CHEETAH POWER!

Ok, I just had to include this picture because it was funny.....picture taking problems at 39 weeks pregnant. 


tsbjf said...

Ok, you win the awesomest mom award, those suits are super cool!! My kids love that show!

Brittany said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks! They wore them for the first time while they watched the show yesterday and it was so cute!

Brittany @ The Rollins World said...

Too cute! Cool mom points for you for making such a special gift for them that you know they'll enjoy so much! How is it possible five years has already gone by?!

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