BAM Family

BAM Family

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Micah and Benji!

Micah and Benji turned 5 today!!! 
Here is a look at their past five birthdays....
Happy FIRST Birthday!
Happy SECOND Birthday!
Happy THIRD Birthday!
Happy FOURTH Birthday!
And (TODAY!) Happy FIFTH Birthday!
 The boys modeling their new Wild Kratt's Creature Power Vests (I made these! Blog post coming soon....)
 Birthday party at Kids Cove today. "Happy Birthday to you....!"
(We sang to Benji. Micah doesn't like birthday singing. Oh, my little son...)
 Their favorite part!
 All our wonderful friends who came to our party!
And.......a little pic of how I looked today. 39 weeks pregnant. 
Ok, Silas. Your brothers turned five. You can come any day now. 


Olivia said...

Happy Birthday Boys! They both seem like such characters lol ;) You have a cute baby bump! Looking forward to seeing pics of that little guy...whenever he decides to grace us with his presence!

Brittany @ The Rollins World said...

As I recall, your husband didn't like the happy birthday singing either ;-)

Brittany said...

No, he still doesn't! Isn't it weird the traits that get passed to our kids? My dad told me the other day that he drinks all the broth from soup and then eats all the veggies and meat. Benji eats his soup the SAME WAY! Crazy!

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