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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Week 29-36

WOW! I am almost at the end of my pregnancy! I am currently 36.5 weeks pregnant, which is how pregnant I was when I gave birth to my twins. So, in the weeks to come, I will be more pregnant than I have ever been. Whew! 

(reading over all these posts, I realize that I sound like a pregnant "b" most of the time. Sorry about that.   Wish these status updates showed a more pleasant side of myself....oh well....)

July 26: "just finished 2 All in One diapers for Silas. :)"

Later: "feels like Silas is dancing the cha-cha in my belly, complete enthusiastic kicks and fist bumps!"

July 27: "pregnancy dreams = weird."

July 28: "Micah: I don't like babies. I fight babies. (Awesome....)"

July 30: "The pintrest plaque that reads "Excuse the mess; The children are making memories" is a little too Pollyanna for me. How about "Excuse the mess: I'm pregnant and I hate housework"? ;)"

July 31: "my pregnancy dreams lately have been about large scale home renovations, like finishing our basement or gutting our"

Aug 1: "is under strict instructions from the boys not to cry when I get my shots (glucose test) today. :)"

Later: "passed the glucose test and my iron levels are looking good too. And I didn't cry (per the boys' request!) ;)"

Even later: "I am supposed to count 10 kick counts in an hour. Silas knocked those out (literally) in 2 minutes."

Aug 2: tetanus shots and I do not get along. Exhausted because I was in so much pain last night....

Aug 3: "After telling the boys that Silas would be born in the hospital, Benji very seriously told me, "Mommy. Don't get medicine in the bottom." I think the memory of the enemas last fall are still very strong."

Aug 4: "that root beer float tasted great...but it is making Silas go nuts...."

Aug 6: "thinks Silas is doing the plank in my belly: Feet in the right rib, fists on the left hip."

Aug 8: "the boys' idea of feeling Silas kick is to pump my belly in rapid succession. Ug...pounded from the outside and inside..."

Aug 12: "really tired and vein leg pain is really acting up day....and I need to go grocery shopping...:P"

Later: "Silas: ::quiet quiet quiet:: Mommy: (eats one bite of ice cream) Silas: ::kick! kick! kickkickkick!!!!::"

Aug 13: "did not expect a 30 min appt to turn into two hours with a trip to the radiologist to get an ultrasound of my leg veins. Did I mention I had the boys with me? Everything is fine but I am kind of stressed out. Plus I have a meeting this afternoon at LU....

Aug 14: Mother and academia are not mutually exclusive. I am proud to be both a young mother and an academic!"

Later: "pregnancy has reached the weird alien stage: you know, when you can see the limb moving from the outside of the belly."

Even later: Micah: When is Baby Silas going to come out? Me: he is going to come out in-- Benji: 30 minutes!!!!! (Holy cow...that would be quick)"

Aug 16: Positive: Freshmen Seminar was a big success today. Negative: My feet/legs are KILLING me"

Aug 18: "Aaron took the boys to the softball tournament early so I could sleep in and have some time to myself. :)"

Later: "‎8 weeks till due date. W.O.W."

Aug 20: "SILAS! lay off the rib, child!"

Au 21: "Oooh...I am tired. Did lots of walking today on the hilly LU campus and I am sore (pathetic, right?)"

Aug 22: "really dislikes pregnancy in the evenings. Mornings and afternoons are fine but in the evening everything hurts and I can't get comfortable. 8 more weeks to go...."

Aug 23: "Agenda for this afternoon: lay down and watch tv. I am exhausted."

Aug 25: "Is at the stage in my pregnancy where well-meaning strangers are making rude comments about the size of my belly/when I am due."

Aug 27: "Benji: I want to see him! (smashes face really hard against my belly) I don't see him! (dejected) There's no baby in there...."

Aug 28: restless legs! BAHH! Can any other pregnant mom relate to this???"

Aug 30: "Silas is doing belly-yoga again. Feels like Downward Facing Dog."

Later: "thinks we'll have another train-loving boy in the family. Silas went nuts when the train whistled as it went by."

Sept 2: "caught Aaron and Micah's cold. Feeling sickly."

Sept 3: "Man at the meat cooler at Kroger: So, when's the watermelon due? Me: (polite pity laugh)....mid October (thinking, who wants to be compared to a large fruit?)"

Sept 4: feeling miserable. Going to bed."

Sept 5: "why do so many people act like having a 3rd boy is such a bad thing? Not so! Let's hear it for the boy!!!"

Later: "After reading online birth stories to Aaron.....Aaron: Please don't have Silas in the tub. I'll never be able to take a shower in there again!"

Sept 7: "feels like I hit a "pregnancy wall" this past week. Everything got a lot walking." (Baby dropped)

Sept 8: Life Group Baby shower!

Sept 10: lungs = squished."

Later: "Micah (hand on my belly): is that his hand? Me: No, I think that's his butt. Micah: His butt???? Ew! That's disgusting! (removes hand!)"

Sept 11: "Me: The baby is in a special place called the 'womb.' Benji: The room? Me: the WOMB! Benji: No, that's not the room! that's the BELLY!"

Sept 12: "Doctor's appointment confirmed what I knew last week: that the baby has dropped and is head down."

Sept 13: "feels horrible today...and I took it out on my kids before they went to school...:("

Sept 14: "Is having a productive day: editing, cooking, light cleaning, lunch with Aaron, class prep, and now sewing for baby. :-)"

Later: "Pregnancy is magical. At the end of everyday I am transformed into a duck. You know, waddle, waddle, waddle..."

Sept 15: "So...I expected to go to brunch with my best friend Candace this morning BUT was REALLY shocked to find myself at a surprise baby shower with all my best mom friends! Thanks everyone!!! I was SO surprised and had a great time!"

Later: "oh, are not my friend!! Go away!"

Sept 18: "‎36 weeks"

Later: "‎2 things of note: Lemon cheesecake was a HUGE success! and I got all the strips cut for Silas's baby quilt. :) Domestic bliss!

Sept 19: "Benji: Mommy, your big belly is going to grow and grow! And then it's going to POP! (Oh, my word I hope not!)"

Sept 20: "Benji put his face really close to my belly and said "HI baby Silas!" And Silas immediately kicked. Brotherly love. :)

Later: "exhausted. Husband is bringing home Chinese take-out."

Sept 21: "Silas decided last night was a good time to boogie...feel like I was awake half the night."

Later: "While watching a news story about a non-invasive liposuction procedure, Micah said: "Mommy, you want to get that so you belly isn't so big?" Wow, thanks son."

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