BAM Family

BAM Family

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Ants are delicious!" Or what Micah did at school today

This is an actual conversation we had with Micah (4 years old) tonight at dinner:

Micah: I ate ants at school today!

Me: (horrified) You ate ANTS???

Micah: Yeah! I ate them outside! They were delicious!

Aaron: (laughing) They were?! 

Micah: Yeah...some were yucky though. But some were good! 

Me: (horrified silence)

Aaron: (grinning) Some were yucky? Why were they yucky?

Micah: The red ones were yucky. They were so crunchy!

Aaron: Crunchy, huh?

Me: (in shock, mouth gaping open)

Micah: Yeah, but the black ones were soft! They were yummy!


Micah: But I ate them outside. But I didn't eat worms. 

Aaron: No worms, huh?

Micah: No, they were so squishy....

I didn't find out if he actually ate worms. I don't think he did. 

But I really, really don't want to know. 

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