BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our First Camping Trip!

We took our very first family camping trip this weekend. It was a first for me and the boys. 
We had a great time! Enjoy the pictures below!
Our (tiny) home sweet home. We barely all fit for sleeping. Thank God Aaron's mom and step dad brought up an air mattress for me! 
 My handsome twin boys (Benji, Orange, Micah, Stripes, 4.5 years old) 
Can't believe how much bigger Micah is!
 Mommy and Micah 
 Mommy and Benji
 Aaron and his boys: Fishing for the very first time!

 Micah's first fish! He was SO proud!
 The fish (he was very happy to swim away after this picture!) 
We caught a total of 5 (tiny!) fish between us that morning. 
Our afternoon fishing yielded 3 more catches!)
 Poor Grandma took an unexpected swim when she slipped on the rocks (Rhonda, if you are seeing this, please forgive me! I do not remember snapping this picture. I think Jerry took it!)
 Benji caught a fish too. He was excited until the little wiggler came out of the water. Then there was much running away and screaming. I had to drag him over for a picture. 
 Yes. This tiny thing was the cause of my son's fear. 
 After lunch we went swimming in Smith Mountain Lake. This was the highlight of the boys' day. 
 They love their Grandma!!!
 Micah: Mommy, I love swimming!!!!
 Benji: (I told him to say "smile!" and this is what ensued) SMILE!
 Camping worked out for me even being 21 weeks pregnant. I did have to go to the bathroom a million times. Thank goodness our tent was really close to the bathroom. 
We had a great time camping!!! 


Olivia said...

What a fun post! Wow Micah really is a lot bigger! Such a ferocious looking fish! I would run and scream too lol ;) So has your belly button "popped" already, or do you have an outie to begin with?

Brittany said...

It never recovered after my pregnancy with the boys. I had a cute innie and I never appreciated its cuteness. Now I have an outie. So it "popped" pretty soon with this baby.

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