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BAM Family

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Maternity: Blouse from Men's Dress Shirt

Another Maternity Refashion! I actually made this shirt a few months ago when I was barely showing. I didn't like the end results at the time because it felt so big so I hung it up in my closet with a sigh. Well, my belly is bigger now and I think the shirt is pretty cute! 
BEFORE: A Large Men's Dress Shirt (Goodwill $3.50)
I used a combination of Megan Nielsen's blog tutorial for the babydoll top and the collar from this tunic top
 It actually took me a while to get the shirt to a place where I liked it (read: Brittany was very frustrated, threw it in a heap, left it overnight and then came back to the project). 
I made the bust part a bit too small for my pregnancy boobs and had to add fabric on the sides (a bit of a nightmare). 
Then the bottom was too boxy. 
So I used elastic in the back to give it a bit more shape and stretch and then added a yellow ribbon on the sides to tie in the front. 
At 22 weeks pregnant, I think it fits pretty well! I felt cute in it today! 
The yellow adds a pop of color and the tie adds some needed shape to the blouse. Plus I still have lots of room to grow (on the bottom at least! I made need to tweak the bust a bit so it will continue to fit me as the girls grow!)

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