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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Children's Books I Like

I am going to do a series of posts about children's books that I like, love and absolutely adore (Hey, maybe this will even extend into books in GENERAL that I like, love, and adore. But I don't know if there enough hours in my lifetime to record those books).

Anyways, I came across this gem tonight: Seven Hungry Babies by Candace Fleming. I picked it up from the library on Wednesday (our regular library day).

Here is how I pick books at the library. Let's just say that my MA in English is not being applied with this method.

1. I snatch up the ones displayed on the top of the shelves. Much easier than searching through the stacks, especially since I have to keep one eye (or two?) on my crazy twin boys.
2. I glance at the pictures on the front: Cute subject matter? it's a go!
3. I flip through the pages quickly. Too many words on a page? It's a NO GO! Yes, yes, I know. I am missing out on wonders like One Morning in Maine. But my boys have SHORT attention spans. I had to toss aside a book tonight because Micah was flailing on the bed, kicking me in the spleen instead of listening to the story.

Not this book though. This one was a winner. Cute subject matter and pictures? Check! A minimum amount of words on the page? Check!

Plus it is rhyming, which the boys really seem to be attracted to right now. And it was cute rhyming too that had a good jaunt to it (aka. not overly obnoxious).

Here is the jist of the story:

A nestful of baby birds hatches! Mommy bird must find food for them one by one. Poor mommy is SOO tired. Baby birds are SOO demanding! (Can I get an "Amen?" moms?) She FINALLY gets the last. baby. fed. and all the babies are asleep. She thinks, now I can finally take a bre-- and the babies are UP wanting to be fed once again (Heck, this Ms. Fleming has got it right!) I won't give away the clever ending but I will say that it had me laughing out loud.

In my humble opinion, a good children's book is one that is equally enjoyed by both kids and parents alike. I hope to share more of these gems in the weeks to come!

Go check out Seven Hungry Babies from your library!!

PS. I liked this book so much that I looked up Candace Fleming online and shot her an email via her website, telling her how much I enjoyed it.


Olivia Arlene said...

Your library book choosing method sounds very similar to mine!

I will definitely look that book up. Sounds very cute :)

Olivia Arlene said...

We really like Bear on a Bike by Stella Blackstone

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