BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pizza, anyone?

I have been wanting to make some play food for a while. Micah has been playing pretend with blocks and legos, serving us cake and pizza like a gracious little waiter. So, I though I would fuel his imagination with some "real" play pizza! I absolutely love how it turned out!
 First, I traced a small plate on tan felt and cut two circles. I then cut the circles into quarters and then "sliced" up some toppings. We love supreme pizza in our house--though I didn't have any black felt to make some olives (Aaron would have wanted mushrooms too but this is MY pizza so I left them off). 
I hot glued all the toppings on. The pizza could be done here if you didn't have a sewing machine--or if your family prefers thin-n-crispy crust!
We like pan pizza at the Meng household and I wanted to give the play food a a little oopmh by making it three-dimentional. I measured around the outside of the pizza slice (15 inches) and cut a long strip that was one inch wide. I sewed it to the outside of the slice and then sewed a back "slice" on. I left a 2 inch wide opening and turned the pizza. Then I stuffed it with a little bit of polyfil and hand sewed the opening shut. The whole project took about an hour and a half while the boys were napping this afternoon. 
I can't wait for them to wake up and serve me some yummy pizza!
Stay tuned for more play food projects! 
PBJ, anyone?


Olivia Arlene said...

So cute! I love fabric play food so much better than plastic :)

Chelsea said...

those turned out super cute Brit!

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