BAM Family

BAM Family

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"I'm sorry you were funny"

Parents, do you ever laugh when you discipline your children? How about when your spouse is disciplining them? Com' know you have.

The problem at our house is, Micah knows that I am trying not to laugh. And then he laughs too. Which is no. good. Especially when Daddy is doing the disciplining.

Aaron was trying to discipline Micah about not coming when called and about being disrespectful with a good talking to and a few taps on the po-po. Micah was trying hard to keep it together. As in, he was laughing.

Which made Mommy laugh.

Which made Daddy mad.

Aaron (to Micah): What is so silly? What is so silly?
Me (realizing that I am a grown up woman and CANNOT laugh when my husband is disciplining my son. I wipe that smile off my face and try to be serious): Micah, you do not laugh when Daddy is disciplining you. ::try extremely hard to look stern and not snicker::

Micah finally realizes that he has been wrong and laughing is not a good thing when you are getting a spanking.

As usual, we made him say sorry and give hugs. He wrapped his sweet arms around Aaron's neck and uttered this gem:

"I'm sorry you were funny."

Oh yes, he did.

No more holding back the snickers now. More like a big, fat BA-hahaha!

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