BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Sickies

Last week, the boys caught "the sickness" that is going around Lynchburg and pretty much the whole USA in general. I think it is called the February mully-grubs.

For three days, Benji had a fever plus runny nose, runny eyes, junky cough and generally just feeling awful. As soon as he was starting to feel better--yep, you guessed it--Micah caught it and was feverish for 3 days. So for six days we are laid up in the house. Poor babies.

Aaron and I didn't catch it but have been fighting off cold symptoms. I will be so glad when going-through-a-box-of-tissues-every-threee-days season is over. Come on Sunshine! Bring on the Spring weather.
The boys are feeling a lot better now and we have actually gotten to play outside some this week.
 I just had to snap this picture the other day. Micah REALLY doesn't feel well (R) and Benji is continuing to milk it for all its worth. They look so cute and so pitiful. Poor little babes. So glad we are on the mend.

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