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BAM Family

Monday, February 21, 2011

Homemade Toys: "Mr. Potato Head" Flannel-graph

I had a moment of crafty inspiration today: a flannel-graph toy! I had a ton of felt left over from making Christmas ornaments. Here is how I made this easy no-sew toy. 
 I cut up a cardboard box and glued some white felt as a background. Then I glued a "face" shape on. Next, I went nuts and cut up lots and lots of eyes, noses, mouths, hair, hats, etc. 
 I wish I had gotten some pictures of the boys playing with them. It was so cute. The eyes were up by the forehead and the ears (below) were practically on top of the head. I love the three-year-old way they see the world. 
All the pieces are kept in a plastic bag though I am thinking of making a fabric pouch on the back of the cardboard to keep all the pieces in. 

I thought about calling this toy "Funny Face" but Micah said "It's Potato Head!" (from Toy Story. We don't own the toy) as soon as he saw it. So, "Mr. Potato Head" it is! 

Have fun making your own! This is such an easy, cheap toy with so much imaginative possibilities. 

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Cheryl Smith said...

So cute! Morgan used to love playing with flannel boards, and magnetic board in various sets: farms, dinosaurs, zoo, etc. Looks fun!

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