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BAM Family

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy 9 months, Silas!

Happy 9 months, Silas! You are growing up so fast!!
photo by S. Carter Studios
You are such a happy boy! You continue to be the light and joy of our family!

You have developed my leaps and bounds in the past 3 months. You got to go to the beach for the first time over Memorial day. On this trip, we saw that you getting ready to start crawling. I said, "He'll be crawling by the end of the summer!" HA! You were crawling by the end of the next week!! You have been on the move since the first week in June when you were 7 months old! 
Of course, you do get into some tight places with your exploring these days. I joked on Facebook that I need to tie a bell around your neck to  know where you are in the house. 
Right after you learned to crawl, you did THIS. Yep. You love to pull up all by yourself! Now you can let go for a few seconds and stand up. You can even cruise a little bit (1-2 steps) on the couch. Slow down, little man!
But I know. I know there is no slowing down for you, not when the two people you admire most in the world are running circles around you! You adore Micah and Benji. They make you laugh every day with tickles and fake burps (oy vey!). You think they are hilarious! Every time they come in the room you shriek with joy! 
They really love you (though Mommy still has to remind them to keep an eye out for you at times)
Besides visiting the bathroom, your favorite place to crawl is their bedroom. That place is like TOY HEAVEN! Your favorite toys to chew on are their little plastic pirates as well as blocks from their castle set. 
You love to put toys in your mouth. Daddy and I amazed with how big your mouth is! You discovered that you can travel with your toys if you stick them in your mouth when you want to crawl. 
Photo by S. Carter Studios
You don't have ANY teeth yet but you are a great eater. You love to try new foods. Your current favs are string cheese, broccoli, and quartered grapes. You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the table with the family every day. You also love to drink water out of a bottle. You figured how to tip it up to drink all by yourself. 
You made a big sleeping transition in the past 3 months. You moved from the rock sleeper to your crib. It was a rocky start but once we moved the crib to Mommy and Daddy's room, you've done really well. You take two good naps during the day but at night you still wake up several times. As soon as the sun comes up, you are wide awake too! Mommy is tired but knows that night snuggles and nursing will be over all too soon. 
Photo by S. Carter Studios
You are such a big boy! You weigh 20 lbs! That's more than your brothers weighed when they turned TWO! 
You are also starting to communicate. When you are excited you shriek really loudly! You say "Ma-ma" and "Da-da" (though not always to the right people). You do consistently sign and SAY "all done!" when you are done eating. (more like "AH-DA!")  You are so smart! 
You also learned how to wave and you give an adorable dimpled smile whenever you do so. 

Photo by S. Carter Studios
You've grown so much since you were three months and six months! When I post about your growth next, you will be ONE! This year has flown by, sweet Silas. 
We adore you, little one. Keep growing, baby! We love getting to know you more every day. 

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