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BAM Family

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 6 months, Silas!

Happy 6 months, Silas! You are getting SO big!!
You weigh around 15-16 pounds. 
You are such a happy  baby! This is how you greet me every day when I get you up from your nap. You love your blue blanket so much. It is your favorite thing. 
 You are more cute than crabby though Mommy would appreciate it if you would START SLEEPING AT NIGHT and stop walking up and talking for hours. You were sleeping better at 3 months than you are now (you have been waking up 3-5 times a night! Sheesh, kid!) 
You are napping better though and usually take 2-3 solid naps a day. 
 Jumping is your favorite thing to do EVER! You jump every day. Sometimes you even fall asleep in your jumper. When we try to take you out to put you down for a nap, you wake up and 'say': "What?" I wasn't asleep!" ::jumpjumpjump::
 You are developing strong relationships with your brothers. Look how tiny you were at 10 days old! 
And look how big you are today! (You all love your blankies). 
Your brothers never fail to make you laugh. They are so gentle with you. You love it when they swing you in your bouncer (Mommy looks the other way)
Benji calls you "Buddy." 
Micah is not ignoring you as much and says, "I love you, Silas!" every day. 
 You can't wait until you can run with them! When they run by you, you bounce and lurch forward, wanting to play too. 
 Tummy time is a cinch for you. You are a strong boy! 
You sat up all by yourself on April 7th! You were so proud! You love sitting up and playing with your toys. 

You are starting to eat grown-up food. Forget baby food! You get excited, licking your lips and opening your mouth when we eat dinner every night. You love mashed potatoes, yogurt, spinach, salmon, pulled pork, and hummus (!). You don't have any teeth yet but you do a good job with tiny, soft bites. You are not a fan of bananas or applesauce (yet). Your tastes are adventurous!  We will be starting more regular meals for you in the coming weeks. 
You love your Mommy! You even give delicious, sloppy open mouth kisses at times. 
When Daddy comes home from work, you can't concentrate on anything else. You have to have all his attention, love, and hugs! 
You continue to love music and will stop crying immediately if Mommy sings to you, even if you can't see her. 
We love you so much, Silas! You are pure joy in our lives. 

Let's just start sleeping a bit more at night, ok? (yawn!)


Olivia said...

So sweet! Wow he is growing and so cute!

Anonymous said...
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