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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The trials of being a twin: A Five year old's perspective

Micah and Benji are five years old and frequently (and loudly) announce to others (like random people at the park):


Being twins is unique!
Being twins is fun!

But sometimes, being twins is annoying. Or even, confusing.

This is a snippet of the conversation we had at dinner tonight.

Micah: Sometimes my friends call me 'Benji.'
Me: Ahh...I see. Does that bother you?
Micah: Yeah, because I'm NOT Benji.
Me: Why do you think they call you Benji?
Micah: I don't know!
Me: Are you and Benji twins?
Micah: Yes.
Me: Do you and Benji look alike?
Micah: (emphatically) No! We don't look alike...
Me: Well, some people think you look like Benji.
Micah: But I don't look like Benji! I look like Micah!

(Yes, indeed, little man. You do look like Micah.)

We decided to query Benji to get his take on this problem.

Me: Benji, do your friends ever call you 'Micah'?
Benji: (very matter of fact) No, my friends call me 'Benji'.
Micah: I don't like being a twin!

Aaron: Well, son, you'll need to take that up with God.

Do you know who is who???


Olivia G said...

Micah right and Benji left?? I have never seen them in person and only know then through your blog and facebook, so I am probably wrong lol...

Brittany said...

No...other way around. ;) No worries! They are just going to have to get used to people mixing them up. That is what we told Micah.

Debbie said...

Micah on the left Benji on the right (with the green tshirt under his hoodie!) Right??

Brittany said...

YOU WIN, Debbie!

Debbie said...

Now that I know their personalities, I no longer have to rely so heavily on Micah's hair! ;)

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