BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meng Menu

Sunday: Grilled Hot dogs, fruit salad, chips
(Meatless) Monday: Tuscan Pasta w/ tomato basil cream, salad
Tuesday: Crispy Tilapia fingers, potato wedges, steamed broccoli
Wednesday: Spaghetti, salad
Thursday: Bourbon chicken w/ rice and broccoli
Friday: Sandwiches, apple slices, chips
Saturday: Butter cream chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Thanks to some generous friends who gave us a gift card to Kroger (payment for watching their dog last weekend), I only spent $50 out of pocket on groceries this week! WOO HOO! I am excited to try three new recipes on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday this week. I love Pintrest for recipe inspiration. Hopefully this menu will help jump start your own creativity for dinner planning this week too. :) 

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