BAM Family

BAM Family

Friday, September 2, 2011

BAM Diapers: Blue and Pink!

Introducing NEW COLORS for BAM diapers....
 ....for your baby boy or your baby girl.
 Royal blue for your little man--you don't get much more "boy" than this blue!
 Powder pink for your little lady
(I am in love with how sweet this pink diaper is. Maybe it is because I don't have any girls. But seriously! How perfect is this for your sweet and soft baby girl?)
 The BAM Diaper has a unique tri-fold soaker of bamboo fleece and cotton. 
Sewn in at one end....
 ....yet free at the other end, this soaker is super-absorbent yet is able to unfold in the wash to get extra clean. 
Plus, this all-in-one diaper dries in one drier cycle.
Even better? There is no stuffing involved!

Want more color options for your baby? 
Sunshine yellow is available 
as well as Aqua Blue

Send me an email ( or FB message (Search: BAM Cloth Diapers) if you would like to order a BAM diaper or BAM cover (prefect for prefolds!)
Small = 10-20 lbs
Medium = 20-30 lbs 

AIO diaper: $16 each
Cover:  $10

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