BAM Family

BAM Family

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wishful Spelling

I will do a long post about our SURPRISE TRIP TO KANSAS soon but I wanted to share this quick story about the boys before I forget....

We were flying home to VA yesterday and were served yummy Delta ginger snap cookies. The letters D E L T A are printed on the cookie. I decided to SEIZE THE TEACHABLE MOMENT and have Micah name the letters on the cookie.

Me: Micah, can you name these letters?
Micah: Sure! D-E-L-T-A
Me: That spells "Delta"
Micah: No, Mommy. That spells "cookie"

HAHAHA! Gotta love that kid!

(the really funny thing is, I had some leftover cookies on our next flight and asked Benji do do the same thing. He had the EXACT same response (no-mommy-that-spells-cookie). Sheesh! You would think they were twins or something! ;)

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