BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, May 30, 2011

BAM Diapers: They're here!!

My sewing machine has been humming away this week! The first BAM Diapers are done! I absolutely love how they turned out. The colors are vibrant and the inside is so soft. 
 These red and green diaper actually belong to my friend Amanda's little girl. She pre-ordered and is officially my first customer. Thanks Amanda! I hope you love them. :) 
 A peek inside. The soaker is made of organic Bamboo/cotton fleece. It is so soft--like the inside of a brand-new sweatshirt. 
 The second layer of the soaker is cotton flannel in a cute print. The print varies per diaper and adds a fun and cute element to each one. 
These three diapers are for sale. I have both sizes  (10-20 lbs/ 20-30 lbs) in all four colors: red, yellow, blue, green (see above). 


mamawolfe said...

Hi Brittany! I purchased some of your diapers (red and yellow) at the Best Start diaper sale today. The colors are great - like fluffy gumdrops! I'm washing the diapers as I type and I promise to leave another comment once my baby starts to use them. Thanks! Erica

Brittany said...

Erica, thanks so much for buying my diapers today! Yes, please do let me know how you like them--I hope they work out great for your family. If you have any friends who use cloth, direct them my way! Thanks again! Brittany

Anonymous said...

Are you still selling these? I would like to try them. Thanks:)

Brittany said...

Yes, I am! Please email me: I'd love to talk to you!

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